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    We’re an award-winning heating and air company that’s proud to be a trusted Lennox Premier Dealer. Depend on our highly qualified technicians to troubleshoot your HVAC issue or offer expert home comfort solutions.

    We provide a range of trustworthy heating and cooling services from repairs and maintenance to full installations.

    Carter Lake Heating and Air Repair

    Constantly using your HVAC system throughout the year can wear down its vital parts and leave it vulnerable to damage. Common AC repairs involve refrigerant leaks, breaker issues, compressor failure, and bad electrical connections. You may need repairs for furnaces to fix the broken pilot light, limit switch, or blower motor.

    These warning signs may mean you need prompt HVAC repair:
    • Unexpectedly high utility costs
    • Worsened indoor air quality
    • Unusual odors and noises
    • Uneven or inconsistent airflow

    Many HVAC system problems start small and are nearly unnoticeable. There may be a slight change in your system’s average cycling or an increase in your monthly energy consumption.

    It’s best to call for repairs as soon as you notice any new noises, smells, or changes in your air quality. Fixing the problem fast will keep your service costs down and limit the chances of a complete breakdown.

    Heating and Air Company Installation

    Modern air conditioners and heat pumps last about 10 to 15 years. Well-maintained furnaces often have 20-year lifespans but can last up to 30 years. Keeping your old HVAC system that’s past its prime isn’t the best way to lower your bills or protect your indoor comfort.

    Invest in a high-efficiency model to enjoy better furnace annual fuel efficiency utilization (AFUE) ratings and AC seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings.

    Today’s advanced HVAC systems offer more reliable comfort, airflow, and temperature control at a fraction of the price. They’re also more environmentally friendly and can increase your home’s resale value.

    Experienced AC Maintenance

    Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning is a Lennox Premier Dealer, so you can count on us for quality HVAC installations in Ralston.

    Expert HVAC Maintenance Service

    During a preventative tune-up, your technician will check for carbon monoxide leaks, clean your internal coils and remove any accumulated grime. Professional maintenance is one of the only ways to spot significant internal concerns early before they expand into major repairs and replacements.

    Afterward, you’ll receive a thorough diagnostics report with any problem areas that may soon need service. The ideal time to schedule HVAC maintenance is in the spring and fall to best minimize wear and tear and any potential strain.

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