September 20, 2020

Your AC unit is vital for the summer season. It does its best to keep your home cool; however, it can be an eyesore. Air conditioners can detract from your outdoor design, so what steps can you take? Provided that you do not block the airflow and make sure the AC system is accessible, it’s okay to cover it. Here are five creative ways to hide your outdoor AC unit.

1. Flower Planter Cases

Ready to update your AC system camouflage game? Grab a planter case and your preferred flowers. Flowers may be a great supplement to any structure and are equally useful for hiding AC units. Consider beginning with a wooden fence and adding a few plants to brighten the area.

2. Mosaic Screen

A mosaic screen is a more artistic option to a square trellis. You can create a mosaic from grout and broken glass. It is a firmer structure and may take a bit longer; however, it conceals the entire AC unit.

3. Shabby Chic Shutter Screen

An outdated shutter screen is a perfect fence to hide your air conditioner. Paint it using vibrant color and cover the AC unit with it.

4. Bushes

Using vegetation to camouflage your air conditioning unit is an old trick and can be a great solution for outdoors that are already using greenery. Provided that you put the bushes far enough from your air conditioner, they may add an exceptional green touch to the environment. When picking a plant, consider native varieties that are simple to maintain and adequately tough to withstand the unit’s heat. Be sure to trim greeneries to prevent overgrowth and to aid AC unit airflow.

5. Vine Lattice

Vines may be a perfect way to hide your AC from outside. By creating a wooden grate structure and introducing vine lattice, you can grow an attractive addition outdoors to bring more greenery to your area. Schedule the vines to mature in a few months and consider purchasing evergreen species to keep the fence complete all through the year.

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