January 5, 2021

A furnace filter might not be the most complex part of a furnace, but it does serve an essential purpose. A filter reduces dirt, dust, dander and other contaminants in the furnace and air ducts by capturing them. Over time, expect a filter to become “full” and require replacing. How often should filters be replaced, though?

A Standard Duration for Switching Filters

A standard recommendation for replacing a furnace filter suggests once every 90 days. The filter’s thickness could factor into how often a replacement becomes necessary. With thicker filters, the “switch time” might be every six months. Determining the filter’s thickness and recommended change time helps determine when to make the necessary switch.

Be aware that the type of furnace factors into when you may need to switch the filter. Furnace quality, the type of furnace and other factors will play a part in when your filter should be replaced.

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Changing a Filter Earlier

Be mindful that some factors may lead to changing the filters much sooner. Every 30 to 60 days may become necessary under certain circumstances. Homes located in areas where the winter becomes excessively cold might run the furnace for much longer durations, “dirtying up” the filter. Even in milder areas, homes with pets may find the filters collecting hair, leading to a faster replacement.

After Noticing Problems Arise

A dirty, clogged filter could cause problems in the furnace. Checking the filter may prove advisable when heating bills seem high, as the filter troubles could spread to energy-efficiency woes. If the furnace gives off an odd smell or cycles strangely, these things require a closer look. The filter may or may not be the problem.

Be aware that changing a filter does not mean “cleaning” a filter and reusing it. Not all filters are reusable. Washing and reinserting one that isn’t reusable could cause unwanted issues.

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