November 16, 2020

Whether you’re fond of winter or not, there’s no avoiding cold weather — unless you live in the tropics, that is. All across the United States, energy rates and overall consumption increase in the winter, leaving Americans with higher utility bills. Fortunately, you can reduce your wintertime utility costs by winterizing your home. Keep reading to learn about these budget-friendly winterizing options.

Turn to Homemade Draft Snakes

Most people don’t appreciate the doors in their houses. They protect you from intruders, give you privacy, and block out pests. However, doors are notorious for cracks, all but welcoming cold drafts into your home.

Feel free to buy one or more draft snakes to block these drafts. Although this might seem convenient, it’s probably more cost-effective to create makeshift draft snakes at home. Roll up towels and place them underneath your doors or fill up long cloth pouches with sand or cat litter.

Have Any Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is arguably the most ubiquitous packing material on planet Earth. If you don’t save bubble wrap, start keeping it from packages you receive. While buying bubble wrap isn’t as budget-friendly as salvaging it, it’s still not very expensive.

Once you’ve got bubble wrap, cut sheets identical in size to your windowpanes and secure them with water. Simply spray water on your windows and apply the bubble wrap. Water avoids pesky adhesive residue and will hold the bubble wrap against your windows all winter.

Kick Window Air Conditioning Units to the Curb

Window and wall-mounted air conditioners are quite common. Although they’re great for cooling individual rooms, these appliances open up your house to drafts. No matter how well you insulate these air conditioners, they’ll still welcome cold air into your home.

Consider removing these AC units in winter, if not permanently. Also, think about getting a central heating and cooling system, as it won’t expose you to these drafts.

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