HVAC CompanyApollo Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted provider of heating and air conditioning in Valley, NE. Our heating and cooling company has been delivering quality service since 1971.

    As one of the top HVAC companies, we are a Lennox Premier Dealer. We can work on all brands, whether you need repair, installation, or maintenance services.

    Our technicians show up with everything that they need so that you don’t need to wait longer than necessary. We strive for the highest level of efficiency and customer service.

    Experienced Heating and AC Repairs

    We can fix most HVAC problems with our repair services, such as replacing damaged parts and removing debris. Foreign objects inside of the system obstruct airflow, which can cause high energy bills and damage to other parts.

    Debris may also knock around, putting parts at risk of damage. A warning sign that something got inside your system is a rattling or banging noise. Banging sounds can also indicate that a belt is loose or broken.

    Experienced AC Maintenance

    Other heating and air conditioning problems to watch for are leaks and bad odors. A system can’t operate correctly when there’s a leak somewhere.

    Strange smells may mean that you have mold, a dead animal, or a leak. For the sake of your indoor air quality and the protection of the system, you’ll need a technician to fix it.

    Repairs are usually a viable option up until an HVAC system is over 10 years old. It’s rare for there to be major problems in a new system as long as you take care of it.

    Getting a New HVAC System

    Once it’s time to get a new HVAC system, consider scheduling the installation for spring or fall. The temperature isn’t as extreme during those seasons. Procrastinating may result in a major breakdown on a particularly cold or hot day. Repairs in old systems are usually more costly as well.

    When you need a new installation, our team will check your property’s insulation and size to determine the correct size. An incorrect size will result in low energy efficiency, inadequate heating and cooling, and a shortened lifespan.

    Valley Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    We inspect every part of your HVAC system during maintenance to uncover any problems. Your system most likely needs lubrication and tightening of loose components.

    Staying on top of these tasks twice a year keeps your HVAC system in tip-top condition. You can look forward to low energy bills, reduced breakdowns, and a longer system lifespan.

    Other benefits of regular HVAC maintenance:
    • Valid manufacturer’s warranty
    • Safe operation
    • Prevention of leaks
    • Savings on the overall cost of the system
    • Peace of mind
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