The summer is coming to Papillion, NE, and that means routine AC maintenance so you and your family can deal with the heat waves and inclement weather. If your AC unit isn’t working properly, then that can lead to not only discomfort but also costly repairs due to negligence.
    AC Maintenance in Papillion, NE
    If your AC unit isn’t properly maintained, then it will have to be replaced. Depending on its design, replacements can cost hundreds of dollars. Regular AC tune-ups will extend the life of your equipment, with our HVAC professional noting that AC replacements can be completely avoided by regular maintenance. Scheduled check-ups also reduce the possibility of costly repairs. Our qualified HVAC technicians will notify you of any worn-out equipment or parts that need to be replaced before mechanical failure occurs. Maintenance will include cleaning of ductwork, filters being cleaned or replaced, and compound parts inside of the motor being serviced.

    AC Maintenance Protects Your Investment

    The longer the AC unit is not cleaned, the more it’ll become inefficient in cooling the air. Dirt and debris that becomes compacted on the filter will cause the AC unit to work more for less, increasing the amount of energy it needs to operate while only exerting a fraction of the amount of air compared to when it was first installed. Regular check-ups not only replace filters but also cooling coils, blades, and other components to maximize energy efficiency. Coolant will be replaced, ductwork will be cleaned, and a thorough inspection of equipment and seals will be conducted.

    During times of heavy use, such as the hot summer months of Nebraska, you might have to change the filter more frequently. If you are not aware of the type or model of the filter used for your particular AC unit, then one of our technicians will be able to pinpoint it for you.

    A schedule for AC tune-up may include:

    • Filter replacement. These need to be replaced or serviced to ensure SEER efficiency, or the seasonal energy efficiency ratio.
    • Coolant. This helps the AC unit emit cooler air.
    • Refrigerant. This is a cold liquid that will absorb hot air.
    • Fan and blower motor. These parts are continuously pushing air, and are prone to mechanical failure.

    AC Tune-Up: About Apollo Heating and Air

    AC Tune-Up: About Apollo Heating and AirApollo Heating and Air are the go-to HVAC professionals servicing the Papillion, Nebraska area. We offer AC repair, HVAC installation, and maintenance. We offer financing for current and prospective homeowners in the area. Our services are backed by testimonials and reviews from our long-standing clients.

    Papillion, Nebraska is a city located in the Sarpy county of the state. While tucked away in the suburbs of Omaha, Papillion is part of the larger five-county metro area. Living in Papillion offers its residents a suburban feel, with the amenities of a city. Most residents own their homes. This puts a spotlight on the importance of heating maintenance.

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