Mini-Splits in Council Bluffs, IAYou can turn to Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning if you’d like to find out more about mini splits in Council Bluffs, IA. These types of air conditioners, which don’t use ducts, have proven very useful for many people in our area. They especially work well in homes that don’t have central air conditioning. They may also work effectively in additions that may not have a connection to any existing AC system.

    Our customers have gotten their mini-split systems installed in their bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas. Each mini split can do a nice job of keeping a certain area cool and comfortable. If you’d like more than one room to benefit from air conditioning, you can easily get more than one unit installed. You’ll find yourself with many choices when looking for the best ductless air conditioner.

    Best Ductless Air Conditioner

    Choosing a ductless air conditioner for your place in Council Bluffs takes a little bit of research. Fortunately, we can help you with that process and can make it more straightforward.

    Think about the following considerations related to mini splits.
    • Placement on ceiling or wall
    • Energy efficiency
    • Cooling capacity
    • Remote control

    Some units hang from ceilings, and this configuration can come in handy if you don’t have that much free wall space. In contrast, many mini-split units get mounted on walls. This keeps them out of the way and ensures that the cool air they provide can get circulated throughout the room.

    In general, ductless ACs showcase good efficiency. The industry uses the SEER rating to measure efficiency, and higher SEER ratings indicate that certain systems do even better in this regard. You’ll also want to keep cooling capacity in mind. Specific units can cool certain amounts of square footage; getting something appropriately sized will serve you well. Further, you can control many units remotely, and you may have the ability to program them to remember certain settings.

    Mini Splits in Council Bluffs

    The team at Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning will gladly assist you with your installation. We’ve served the community since 1971. At our family-owned and -operated business, we take pride in providing a high level of service and truly appreciate our customers. Our staff members get things done with efficiency and care, and they aim to uphold the high standards we’ve set for them. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to answer questions.

    Mini Splits in Council Bluffs

    Communicating with customers in Council Bluffs makes up a big part of our day, and we like providing valuable information to people in our area. If you want to explore different options, keep in mind that we offer financing on approved credit.

    Call Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning to find out more about our work with mini splits in Council Bluffs.

    We also offer ductless mini splits in Bellevue, Glenwood, Omaha, Papillion, and the surrounding areas.

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