Mini-SplitsWhether you need to cool one room or an entire house, Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning can install the best ductless air conditioner in Glenwood, IA. This type of cooling system, like a Daikin ductless system, can be installed in homes where a central air system is not feasible.

    Only a small hole needs to be drilled to connect the indoor unit(s) with the outdoor unit. A mini-split is great for homes that don’t have ductwork and for areas in the home that need additional cooling.

    About Best Ductless Air Conditioner

    Both ductless AC and conventional central air systems operate by passing air over an evaporator coil containing refrigerant. They also both have an outdoor unit that has a compressor.

    With a ductless system, you have one or more small indoor air handling units mounted on a wall or ceiling. These connect to the outdoor unit via tubing. Some mini-split systems use a heat pump for the outdoor unit. A heat pump can both warm and cool your space via the same unit.

    Although ductless air conditioning systems are small, they provide many advantages for your home:
    • Enables AC in detached spaces
    • Takes up little space
    • Has a streamlined look
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Easy to maintain

    Mini-splits are also very energy-efficient. The air handler fan blows continuously at a low speed. You don’t need a huge fan to push the air throughout the entire home. Their ductless systems also prevent air loss through gaps and cracks around ducts, which helps save on energy costs. They also run quieter than traditional systems because there are no noisy ducts.

    A ductless system is perfect for home additions, converted garages, and other areas not connected to ductwork. They can also cool an entire home via multiple air handlers. Mini-splits can be run with a zone system, meaning that different areas of the home have their own thermostat. That enables you to control micro-climates throughout the house.

    Daikin Ductless Service in Glenwood

    As an experienced HVAC company, we understand not every customer has the same needs when it comes to AC systems. Not only do we provide the best solution for the situation, but we also ensure quality installation for stellar service.

    These are a few reasons we hope you choose us for your Daikin or other ductless AC systems.

    Mini Splits

    To learn more about the best ductless air conditioner for your Glenwood home, contact Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning for a consultation.

    We also offer ductless services in Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Papillion, and the surrounding areas.

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