October 13, 2021
Space Heater Safety in Bellevue, NE

As the temperatures begin to dip, you might decide to add a space heater to your cold-weather arsenal. Although space heaters can keep you and your family warm and cozy during the freezing winter days, they can be a safety hazard if misused. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission attributes over 25,000 residential fires that occur every year to space heaters. For this reason, many people become hesitant about using space heaters indoors. However, if you follow best practices, portable heaters are not intrinsically dangerous.

These safety tips from the experts at Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning can help you reduce the risk of fires and injuries.

Give the Heater Adequate Space

When choosing where to place the heater, you need to consider the surroundings. Ensure that you put it three feet away from anything that can catch fire.

Plug Your Heater Into Wall Outlets

Before you get warm and cozy with your space heater, make sure you plug it directly into a wall socket. Extension cables may not have the capacity to sustain the power your portable heater requires and can quickly overheat and cause fires. Since wall outlets have a higher power capacity, they don’t pose this problem.

Never Leave Your Heater On

You should never leave your heater unattended, even when going to bed. It’s best that you turn your heater off and unplug it.

Keep Pets and Children Away

When using the space heater, be aware of children and pets. Either can knock over the unit, resulting in burns.

Follow the Owner’s Manual

Always follows manufacturer’s instructions. Manufacturers give specific instructions and recommendations, including temperature settings and usage duration, to ensure safe operation.

Choose the Right Size

Space heaters come in different sizes. Check the label to verify if it’s the right size for the room that you intend to heat.

Rely on the Experts

If you want to improve your comfort without compromising your family’s and property safety, Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning is the team to contact in Bellevue, NE, and nearby areas. We provide cost-effective heating and cooling solutions for properties of all sizes. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance services, we can take a look at your furnace or your air conditioner. Call us now to learn more about us and to request a service.

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