March 15, 2022
New Home in Bellevue, NE

When you buy a new home, take some time to assess its heating and cooling system. Doing so can save you from unfortunate and expensive surprises. It’s worth the time it takes to fully investigate it to see if it meets your needs.

Find the Energy Rating Label

Heating and cooling equipment should have an Energy Star rating label on it. The furnace will be rated in AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), while the air conditioner is rated by SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The higher these numbers are, the more efficient the equipment is.

Examine Maintenance History

When performing work on heating and cooling equipment, technicians usually leave a dated job ticket on it. Look to see if the equipment has received professional maintenance once a year. Also, look to see if the equipment has needed frequent repairs, which is a big warning sign.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellevue, NE, performs work on heating and cooling equipment. We’ve been a trusted HVAC company in the area since 1971.

Check Comfort Levels Throughout Home

As you walk around the house, notice if some rooms are too hot while others are cold and drafty. This indicates there’s either a problem with the heating and cooling equipment or the ductwork. It can also be a sign there’s poor insulation.

Inspect the Equipment

Look at the heating and cooling equipment to see if it’s in good shape. It shouldn’t be dusty and dirty. Looks for rust and condensation. Turn the system on and listen for concerning noises, such as banging and scraping.

Warranty Information

Find out if the equipment is under warranty. It’s also important to find out if the warranty transfers to the new owners of the home.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning repairs, installs, and does tune-ups on furnaces and air conditioners. We can also help you with fireplaces. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.

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