January 10, 2022
Duct Damage Signs in Bellevue, NE

If your ductwork is damaged, it can cost you a lot of money in higher energy bills. There are a few signs that you need to have your ductwork repaired or replaced.

Hot and Cold Spots

If different rooms in your home have drastically different temperatures, that’s a sign there’s a leak in the ductwork. If there are holes in the ducts or the joints aren’t properly sealed, conditioned air doesn’t end up where it’s supposed to.

High Energy Bills

If air is leaking out of your ducts, your energy bills will spike, as this means air is leaking into unconditioned areas instead of ending up inside your home. Your heating and cooling system need to run much harder than they should, which results in high energy bills.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellevue, NE, can help you with leaky ductwork. We’ve been helping homeowners in the area since 1971.

Unusually Noisy Heating and Air Conditioning

Your heating and air conditioning system will naturally make some noise when in operation. Your ductwork shouldn’t be making unusually noisy sounds, however. If you hear rattling from your walls when the heater or air conditioner is on, your ductwork is the culprit. The sound is being caused by damaged ductwork with holes in it that air is escaping through.

Unpleasant Odors

If you have unpleasant odors in your home when the heating or air conditioner are running, it often means there’s an accumulation of dust and dirt in the ductwork. If you smell mildew or mold, you’ll want to take care of it right away, as mold can cause serious health issues.

Pest Infestation

Another sign of damaged ducts is pests inside your ducts. Pests such as mice and insects can get inside your ductwork through holes and gaps.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning installs, repairs and tunes up heaters and air conditioners throughout the greater Bellevue area. Our team can also help you with fireplaces. Find out more about us by calling our office today.

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