April 11, 2022
Window AC in Bellevue, NE

With summer on the way, now’s the time that most homeowners start to think about their home’s cooling needs. And for homes without an existing HVAC system installed, this inevitably leads to one question. Is a window unit cheaper than an HVAC system?
The answer, of course, depends on a variety of factors. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of both solutions and an explanation of when each makes the best choice.

Consider Your Cooling Needs

The first thing you must think about to figure out if a window air conditioner or an HVAC system will be cheaper for you is the size of the space you’re trying to cool. If you’re only trying to cool down a single room, a window air conditioner — despite being less efficient — will be cheaper to buy and operate than an HVAC system.

On the contrary, though, if you want to keep multiple rooms cool, the equation changes a bit. In those cases, an HVAC system is a more efficient option. That means your long-term operating costs will be lower. And you can squeeze even more savings out of an HVAC system if you opt for a multi-zone installation. That will allow you to control the exact temperature in each room and avoid unnecessary cooling costs.

Up-front Installation and Ongoing Costs

The other thing you must consider when choosing between a window air conditioner and an HVAC unit are their upfront, installation, and ongoing costs. At first glance, window air conditioners are always the cheaper option. But that’s not always the case.

While a single window air conditioner is indeed inexpensive, buying them for multiple rooms can get pricey. And, when you consider that an HVAC system will last two or three times longer than a window unit, the total cost of ownership isn’t all that different.

Don’t Wait for the Heat

No matter which option makes the most sense for you, the most important thing you can do is decide quickly. You don’t want to wait until the heat becomes unbearable to get your cooling situation sorted. Here in Bellevue Nebraska, that means deciding no later than May. So, call Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning when you’re ready and we’ll help you stay cool this summer and beyond.

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