August 21, 2023

Smart thermostats have advanced technology like Wi-Fi connectivity and learning capabilities. This makes it easier for homeowners to remotely regulate their home’s temperature. It may sound like smart thermostats are too advanced to be compatible with an older home’s system. However, this is not the case. Learn more about how a smart thermostat can add convenience to your life.

How Hard Is Installing a Smart Thermostat in an Older Home?

The first step in your installation process will be ensuring compatibility. Your installer will learn more about the current thermostat, its wiring, and how your home’s HVAC system works. If the new thermostat isn’t the right fit your technician can recommend an alternative that will work.

In many cases, the new smart thermostat will require a common wire (C-wire). This is a wire you’ll find in most new construction but would be unusual to find in an older home. It provides the thermostat with a steady source of power. Installing a C-wire adds a complex step to the installation of a new thermostat. Electrical wiring isn’t something that an inexperienced homeowner should handle on their own. In fact, depending on your municipality, you may need a permit to handle electrical work. The installation of a C-wire is something a professional technician should handle for you.

There are some older homes set up in a way where installing a C-wire isn’t the best solution. In these cases, your technician may recommend an adapter or a power extender, or they may recommend a wireless thermostat to avoid these issues.

Once the correct smart thermostat is identified and installed, your technician will test the system. They’ll run your HVAC and check the thermostat, making sure that everything is running properly. Your technician will be in and out of your home in a few hours. The project should not require any major changes to your home.

Smart Home Compatibility

There are two other issues that you and your installer will consider when choosing the right smart thermostat for your home. The first issue is that your smart thermostat connects to the Wi-Fi. Your thermostat will need to be located in a spot where it can receive a reliable signal. Today, most homeowners have Wi-Fi that reaches throughout their home so it’s rarely an issue.

The other consideration is your existing smart home setup. Many homes already have integrated smart home devices. It’s possible to install a new smart thermostat that doesn’t integrate with your current devices, but it’s always easier if your new smart devices work with your current ones. Today, many of the leading smart thermostats work with varying smart home systems. Your installer will discuss these issues with you.

What Happens After Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

After your technician finishes your installation, you’ll receive instructions and answers to any questions you may have. Then, you can begin to enjoy benefits like increased energy efficiency. This efficiency may continue to improve further as time goes on and your smart thermostat learns your home routine. Depending on your system and customized preferences, the device will offer suggestions on beneficial settings for your home. Some units can automatically adjust temperatures to lower your energy costs, adding extra convenience to your experience.

You’ll also notice increased home comfort as your new system learns what settings you like best. For instance, the thermostat can automatically cool your house just before you get home from work. Another benefit will be your ability to remotely access your home’s HVAC settings. This means you can adjust the unit from your phone or tablet no matter where you are located.

Rely on Experience

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning has served homeowners in Bellevue, Nebraska, and the surrounding area since 1971. We’re here to help you install your smart thermostat so you can enjoy benefits like lower energy bills and increased home comfort. We can also help you install your new furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system. Our qualified technicians perform repairs and regular maintenance on all of these systems as well. Some of our other services include indoor air quality assistance and serving the HVAC needs of commercial clients.

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