March 16, 2021

Gas furnaces are a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for home heating. If you’re standing near the furnace in your Bellevue, NE, home when the furnace turns on, you might catch a whiff of the unpleasant aroma of natural gas. The odor comes from mercaptan, a type of chemical added during the refinement process so that it’s easier to detect a gas leak. There’s only one situation in which it’s normal to smell gas from your furnace. Read on to learn about when that is and what you should do if you smell gas near your furnace some other time.

When the Furnace Turns On

The only time it’s acceptable to get a faint whiff of a gas smell is when your furnace turns on. The pilot or ignition may take a second to ignite the gas after the supply valve releases it. Once the gas is burning in the combustion chamber, you shouldn’t smell anything.

Persistent Gas Odor During Heating Cycles

If the foul smell of natural gas persists for the duration of the heating cycle, your furnace needs professional attention. It could have a problem with the pilot, ignition, or gas supply. The burners, heat exchanger or combustion chamber’s seal could be damaged. Exit your home, and when you’re at least 50 feet away, call us for furnace repairs.

Gas Odor Extends Away From the Furnace

A strong smell of natural gas more than a few feet away from your furnace is a problem no matter when it happens. If you can smell the gas across the room, in another room, or even on another level of your home, your furnace or gas line could have a leak. This is an emergency and requires urgent repairs.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning is Bellevue’s trusted provider of furnace repairs. We also offer air conditioning repairs and heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance. For more details about when it is and isn’t normal to smell gas by your furnace, get in touch with us at Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning.

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