November 13, 2023
Gas furnace repairs and installations

Your gas furnace works hard to keep you warm during the blistering cold winters in the Bellevue area. You want your home heating machine to function without failure during these cold months, and so do our reputable HVAC technicians at Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning. Conducting routine maintenance and tune-ups on your gas furnace before the cold sets in can help prolong the life of your unit and protect you from bitter cold temperatures. During your gas furnace inspection and tune-up, there are several things our technicians check. Read on for a list of some of the services included on our routine maintenance checklist.

Check the Air Filter

An air filter in your gas furnace helps keep dust and allergens out of the forced air coming through your vents. If this filter is clogged and full of debris and dust, the furnace must work harder to push air through. Your HVAC technician will check the air filter and clean or replace it as necessary to keep your furnace working at peak performance levels.

Inspect Components

A gas furnace has many different parts, each with its own job to keep your unit running properly. As part of the maintenance and inspection process, your technician will inspect these components to assess whether they are in good working order.

Furnace Blower

Your blower is the part that forces air into the ducts to come out of the vents and heat your home. If the blower fails, heated air will not circulate around the house.

Belt and Pulley System

The belt on your furnace can wear out over time, resulting in cracks, tears, and loosening. If your belt shows signs of damage, the technician will install a new one.

Lubricate Moving Parts

As the parts inside your gas furnace move, they cause friction. If not properly lubricated, this friction can lead to excessive wear and tear and eventual failure of your system. An experienced technician knows which parts need lubrication to prevent premature wear and excess damage to your heater.

Inspect Gas Lines

A gas furnace relies on natural gas to provide heat. This gas is supplied directly to the heating appliance through gas pipes. Your technician will inspect these gas lines, looking for loose connections, corrosion, and other damage that could result in improper gas supply and safety risks. A professional should repair or replace damaged gas lines immediately to prevent the risk of fire, explosion, and leaks. Gas leaks in your home are extremely dangerous and can lead to life-threatening situations.

Clean Furnace and Ducts

Keeping dust and debris out of your furnace and air ducts is an integral part of the efficiency of your unit. Your technician will inspect your ducts to ensure there are no blockages. If excessive buildup inside the ducts is spotted, the technician will clean the airways. Blockages in your ductwork cause your furnace to work harder and can lead to inconsistent heating throughout the home.

Inspect Electrical Connections

Although your furnace uses natural gas to heat your home, there are still electrical components on the unit. These electrical connections must be secure and solid in order for the heater to run. The technician will check for any wiring that appears to be damaged, replacing them as needed. Damaged electrical wiring could lead to failure of your unit as well as a potential fire hazard.

Calibrate and Program Thermostat

For best energy efficiency, your thermostat should be calibrated to correctly sense the temperature of your home and control the furnace. As part of the calibration process, your technician will check the thermostat and room temperature with a separate thermometer, making sure the two match. When the temperature on the thermostat is adjusted to increase the heat, the furnace should respond accordingly. If the thermostat fails to work properly, a new one should be installed. This is also a great time to program your thermostat to conserve energy through the winter.

Now that you understand the process of routine gas furnace maintenance and how important it is to the lifespan of your unit, get scheduled today. Our technicians provide quality, trusted repairs, installations, and tune-ups for your heating and air conditioning units, giving you peace of mind through all seasons.

Call Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning to send out a highly skilled and trained technician for your furnace check-up, ensuring you have a comfortable Nebraska winter inside your home.

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