August 16, 2022
AC Noise in Bellevue, NE

Squeaking is a common air conditioner sound, and there are several reasons why it occurs. Consequently, there are also several ways of dealing with it. Whether or not a squeak coming from your air conditioner is something to be concerned about depends upon when it occurs and how long it lasts.

The Blower Belt

One potential cause of squeaking in an air conditioner is a problem with the belt connecting the blower to the motor. When you have a belt-driven blower in your air conditioner, it will often become worn and slip over time. Fortunately, fixing it is just a matter of replacing the belt. How simple a procedure this replacement is to perform depends upon the particular unit.

The Condenser Fan Bearings

A cause of squeaking that occurs often in newer air conditioning units is the bearings connected to the condenser fan. Over time, they will wear down and not roll as evenly as they once did. The early result of this process is a squeaking sound. When you start hearing a squeaking sound associated with these bearings, we recommend that you replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may damage the compressor unit, resulting in a more expensive job.

It Might Be Nothing

If you hear a squeaking sound from your air conditioner only when it is starting up, it is probably not a problem at all. This is most likely to be the case if it occurs at the beginning of the year when you first start to use it. In such a situation, your air conditioner may be just getting the kinks out from sitting idle for several months.

If you hear persistent squeaking sounds coming from your air conditioner, you will want to have it looked at. If you live in the area of Bellevue, Nebraska, you can give Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning a call to come and service your air conditioner. Our team offers heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and installation. We also work on ductwork, fireplaces, and indoor air quality products. Contact us today for more information.

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