September 14, 2021
Heating Bills in Bellevue, NE

There are some pretty standard ways to save money on a heating bill. Turning down your thermostat or keeping the doors closed are a few. Then, there are some unique ways to cut heating costs that everyone can do for free to save money. Here are a few unique ways to make sure your heating bill is lower this year.

Use the Ceiling Fans in Your Home

When it starts getting cold, change the ceiling fans in your home so that the blades turn clockwise. Changing the direction of the blades will make the warm air in your home circulate downward and keep the room warmer.

Use the Sun

During the sunny time of the day, open up your curtains to let in the sunshine. Doing this can allow direct sunlight into your rooms, and they will heat up.

Move Your Furniture Around

It’s important to make sure that the warm air flows well throughout your home. An open concept works the best. Also, make sure all of the vents in your home are open, cleaned, and air can easily flow away from them. It would help if you moved furniture that blocks vents or is too close, making it harder for the air to get around the furniture.

Start Baking

Plan out things you can bake and store in the freezer or give to family. Even if you bake bread every day, it’s cheap and will keep your oven going for over an hour. You can plan activities around the kitchen or start baking during dinner. Then you can use this time to turn your thermostat down to save money.

Contact the Professionals

At Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellevue, NE, we offer heating and cooling repairs, installations, and tune-up services. We also offer fireplaces and humidifiers for your whole home. Contact our service professionals today for more information! Remember to ask about our financing specials as well.

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