May 7, 2021
Candles on coffee table

Since you spend so much time inside of your home, your house’s indoor air quality is very important. You can improve the air quality by reducing or eliminating the use of candles.

How Candles Reduce Air Quality

The EPA stated in 2001 that most candles, especially scented ones, reduce indoor air quality. They release pollutants in quantities that are unsafe to breathe. Many of the scented oils they use aren’t fit for combustion. Candles also produce soot, which isn’t healthy to breathe.

Don’t Burn Candles in Unventilated Rooms

If you must burn a candle, it needs to be in a well-ventilated room. Place the candle near an open window so that the smoke and soot go outside. However, make sure air is flowing out the window and not in.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC system has air filters that need to be changed frequently. This is especially true if you burn candles since the smoke and soot will collect in your air filters. Check the air filters monthly, and be sure to replace them when they’re dirty.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers remove smoke and soot from the air that passes through them. You can buy a portable air conditioner or have an HVAC company install a whole-home air purifier in your heating and cooling system.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellevue, NE, offers indoor air quality products as well as whole-home air purifiers.

Get Better Candles

Instead of burning conventional candles, get ones made of beeswax or soy instead. Beeswax is safe for people with allergies since it’s hypoallergenic. Beeswax candles also don’t produce toxic byproducts or soot. Soy candles are a better choice than regular candles, too.

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